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For a longer-lasting, low maintenance alternative to timber decking, look no further…

Care Guidelines.
Even though our composite decking is a low maintenance product, periodic cleaning is recommended, even if your composite deck board appears clean, it is important to prevent the build-up of pollen and debris that can cause mould growth. It is recommended that furniture placed on the composite deck board is fitted with rubber or felt feet to prevent unnecessary scrapes.


During the first 6 - 12 months the colour pigments will stabilise, during this time fading may occur before weathering naturally.


Cleaning Guidelines.
Domestic pressure washers may be used with caution in conjunction with the spray nozzle. Pressure washers can be used to remove stains, ground-in dirt and chalk. Keep a distance of at least 1ft between the nozzle and the composite deck to prevent damage to the deck.
If you're unsure of cleaning/removing stains from your composite deck baords, it is always recommended that you test a small area in an inconspicuous place to determine if the cleaning product will cause any unwanted discolouration.


Dirt, debris and watermarks.
Clean the composite decking to remove dirt or debris by using soap, hot water and a strong bristle. Rinse thoroughly.


Mould and Mildew.
Use an organic patio cleaner such as Algon or a sodium percarbonate oxygen activated bleach. Ensure all detergent is washed off after use.


Chalk Markings.
Scrubbing the area with hot soapy water may
dislodge some of the chalk. Rinse thoroughly.


Ice and Snow.
Calcium chloride or rock salt, available in many home centres, will melt ice on decking. Rinse thoroughly when practical.


Rust Stains, Ground-in Dirt and Grime.
Use a cleaning product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid base to lighten or remove the rust or dirt. Product may need to sit on stain 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


Oil and Grease Stains.
Scrub in a household-degreasing agent as soon as the stain occurs. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Berries and Wine Stains.
Mix an eco-friendly sodium percarbonate bleach in hot water label. Scrub the stain lightly and immediately rinse the area thoroughly.
Note: Using too much bleach may cause lightening of the deck colour. The stain may not disappear entirely.


It is not recommended to install composite decking in temperatures below 5°C. For elevated decks greater than 1.2 metres in height, we recommend using a professional installer. When cutting, always saw the board face up with a fine-toothed blade to prevent furring the face edge.

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